Frequently Asked Questions

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Digi-TV has a variety of shows from Drama and Murder Mystery to Reality, Culinary, Design, Adventure, and more!

Digi-TV is available Over the Air, on ROKU and our website (click on "Live TV" at the top of the page).

Over the Air requires connecting to your television set to either an indoor or outdoor antenna depending on the reception in your area.  Once your antenna is connected, use your digital tuner and look for Digi-TV.

Please Note: Digi-TV is not available on cable or satellite.

The process for rescanning your television somewhat differs across different manufacturers.  However, the instructions are similar for most remote controls.  While it is always advisable to review your owner’s manual, you can

  1. Look for "set-up" or "menu" on the TV remote control or converter box.
  2. Click "channels," "antenna”, or look for a similar terminology.
  3. Select "scan," "auto-tune," "channel search," "auto-program," or look for a similar terminology.
  4. The TV will begin processing the rescan.

We are proud of the fact that all our programs are closed captioned.

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